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Would anyone like to roleplay with me? If so please feel free to NOTE me.

I have a few rules and warnings.


:bulletred:I have not roleplayed Yaoi or Yuri, so I do not know how good I am at it. But I am open to the idea.
:bulletred:I only roleplay as women characters, I will play a man if the roleplay calls for it. But I mostly play women.
:bulletred:I roleplay in a paragraph type form, or story form.
:bulletred:I do NOT like curt sentences or one sentence replies.
:bulletred:I will roleplay any rating from PG to R. (Unless you are under the age of 18 in which I will ONLY roleplay PG.)

Here are a few things I am interested in roleplaying:

:bulletpink:American McGee Alice
:bulletpink:Dead or Alive
:bulletpink:Beauty and the Beast
:bulletpink:The Little Mermaid
:bulletpink:The Princess and the Frog
:bulletpink:Sleeping Beauty
:bulletpink:Elfen Lied
:bulletpink:Fatal Frame
:bulletpink:Final Fantasy
:bulletpink:Howls Moving Castle
:bulletpink:Princess Monanoke
:bulletpink:Rise of the Guardians
:bulletpink:Silent Hill
:bulletpink:Sailor Moon
:bulletpink:Spirited Away
:bulletpink:Winx Club

I also roleplay with original character that you can see in my gallery.

If you would like to roleplay or need anymore information. Please feel free to note me.
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Savior (Tony Stark x Reader) Chapter 1
Link to the Prologue in the description.  Enjoy!
Reader’s POV
“Come on doll-face, no need to play hard to get.”
You woke up in cold sweats and your heart pounded with such force that it shook your entire body.  Your eyes strained to adjust to the sunlight as you breathed with quick, panicked gasps when you saw that you were hooked up to an IV.  You jumped when you felt a hand on your arm.
“Hey, hey, it’s okay (Name), I’m not going to hurt you,” a man in a chair next to you said in a gentle tone.  He had brown hair and a rather unique beard.  But it was the kind gaze of his warm brown eyes that seemed to calm you down a bit.
“H-how do you know my name?” you asked, frightened.
“Your necklace,” he said as he pointed to your neck, “It has your name on it.”
You looked down to see the locket that your parents had given you when you were a baby with your name insc
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Savior (Tony Stark x Reader) Prologue
Tony’s POV
It was a night like any other in New York City.  The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist himself, Tony Stark, was taking a late night flight in his Iron Man suit to test out a few alterations he had made to the suit’s flight capabilities.  He soared across New York, staying at about the same level as most of the buildings that dotted the streets of the city.
Tony stopped in his wake when a high-pitched scream caught his attention.  
“You hear that JARVIS?”
Of course, any normal person would not have been able to hear the scream over the din of the bustling city, but the suit allowed him to possess senses that greatly surpassed that of any human.
“Yes, sir, I’m afraid so,” the robotic voice sounded in Tony’s ear.
“Please!  Somebody… help!” a woman's voice cried helplessly.
“JARVIS, zoom in on the streets.”  Automatically, Tony’s vision of the streets be
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Robert Downey Jr. by MBdrawings Robert Downey Jr. :iconmbdrawings:MBdrawings 22 15 Tony Stark by Karew Tony Stark :iconkarew:Karew 15 21 Young Tony and a larger than life Pepper Pots by blue-cage Young Tony and a larger than life Pepper Pots :iconblue-cage:blue-cage 32 2 Iron Man Car by padalox Iron Man Car :iconpadalox:padalox 16 6 IRON MAN - There's something strange! by ToreTheCimmerian IRON MAN - There's something strange! :icontorethecimmerian:ToreTheCimmerian 41 15 Banner Deus Ex Human Revolution by AcCreed Banner Deus Ex Human Revolution :iconaccreed:AcCreed 21 12 The Worst Kind of Loneliness (Tony and Benedict) by Renny08 The Worst Kind of Loneliness (Tony and Benedict) :iconrenny08:Renny08 736 19 Joker And Harley Quinn by AcCreed Joker And Harley Quinn :iconaccreed:AcCreed 114 22 The Invincible Iron Man by BoyGTO The Invincible Iron Man :iconboygto:BoyGTO 292 50 Man Under Iron by C0y0te7 Man Under Iron :iconc0y0te7:C0y0te7 51 9 Phil as Iron Man by patione Phil as Iron Man :iconpatione:patione 99 23 Is Everything a Joke to you? by PaleFunnyGhost Is Everything a Joke to you? :iconpalefunnyghost:PaleFunnyGhost 70 8 She doesn't play well with others. by PaleFunnyGhost She doesn't play well with others. :iconpalefunnyghost:PaleFunnyGhost 53 19 I was planning on threatening you. by PaleFunnyGhost I was planning on threatening you. :iconpalefunnyghost:PaleFunnyGhost 90 23




Welcome :wave: This is the Tony Stark uni(Verse). Sounds a like a bit of a silly name but it sounds good enough to explain the purpose of the club. This is a club that involves Tony Stark and the world that he lives in. This means that you don't have to just love Tony Stark to be in this club. If you love anyone else in this universe show it! This club also encourages the sharing of OCs.

Anything goes when it comes to submitting fan art. Fan Fiction, Anime,OCs, Slash pairings and anything else is also accepted as long as it is submitted in the appropriate manner with warnings. Anything goes really as long as your sticking to the Iron Man verse.

I know I am not your mother, and I don't want to baby sit you. Just be aware of your behavior and don't upset anyone over silly things. If you have an issue, send a message to my inbox to vent or possibly find a way to solve the issue.

Discuss, discuss, discuss. Anyone can post a blog on this page and you can talk about anything your heart desires.





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